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Veneers are very thin laminates of tooth colored material that get “cemented” to the front of your teeth to improve the cosmetic appearance – either because that tooth is starting to decay, has strong discoloration or has been chipped off in some fashion.

A good example to better explain what veneers are is the analogy that they are to someone’s teeth like fake nails are to a woman’s fingernails.

Veneers Procedure

If our dental team comes to the conclusion that veneers are the best fit for you given the supporting gums, bones, etc., then the preparation stage comes next. What this means is removing the discolored or “ugly” portion of the tooth and then shaping it in preparation of the veneer. Thus, a tiny layer of your tooth’s outer enamel is removed. Next, an impression is taken and sent to a lab so that customized veneers for your specific tooth can be created.

Once the customization is done, the patient will return to our clinic for a final visit – at this point in time, our Hollywood dental team will apply to veneer to your tooth with bonding material that will harden and dry after getting exposed to light. And with that, your tooth will look like new.

With the procedure, anaesthesia may be used but is not really necessary. For our Hollywood dental team, we are able to do it promptly, efficiently and smoothly.

Different Kinds of Veneers

The most common form of veneers are porcelain veneers – they are very durable and are virtually indistinguishable from an actual tooth. Furthermore, they differ from crowns because veneers only cover a portion of the tooth while also serving as reinforcement for that tooth’s structure.

Also, the porcelain version is heavily resistant to coffee, tea or tobacco stains that otherwise leave noticeable stains or coloring on your regular teeth.

How Long Do Veneers Last For?

Veneers will last for many years, but they are still capable of getting chipped or broken off just like regular teeth. For people who feel that they have certain teeth that they would like to change the appearance of, veneers are one of the best investments you can make due to how long they last, how durable they are and how natural they look.

Our Hollywood dental team will walk you through the entire process to make sure you understand what you will be getting and whether going through the procedure is in your best interests, both short-term and long-term.

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