A painful disorder that a number of people suffer from nowadays is called the temporomandibular disorders (TMD) arising from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) located in the area of your jaw where it meets your skull. The purpose of the temporomandibular joint is to allow your lower jaw to be able to move up and down and side to side in a smooth and concise manner, allowing you to talk, yawn and chew. However, sometimes the force that is placed on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) leads to the TMD disorders, with symptoms ranging from:

A “popping” or “clicking” in the joint
Pain felt along the jaw
Ear aches
Issues opening and closing the mouth

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What causes TMJ disorders?

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There are several causes for TMJ disorders:

Damage or dislocation to the jaw bones
Too much clenching or tightening of the muscles in the jaws
Injury to the jaw or to the TMJ itself
Grinding or clenching of the teeth

TMJ Treatment

The first step is correctly spotting the signs of the problem so you know whether TMJ treatment is needed – this often means a test to see whether various muscles may be sore, broken or worn in the areas of your teeth. If so, this is evidence of grinding of the teeth, a common sign of an incorrect bite.

The next step might be a temporary nightguard that conveniently fits over the upper or lower teeth so as to allow your teeth to meet exactly at the same time in a position where your muscles are relaxed. Depending on each patient’s specific situation, the nightguard may need to be worn throughout the entire night or just at night. For temporomandibular joints Hollywood residents need help with, give our clinic a call.

Another method of treatment may be the replacement of teeth, which often leads to instant relief for some. The TMJ requires equal support from both sides of the jaw because the chewing motion of the human mouth is intended to work only when all teeth are present and in the intended position. As such, replacing teeth may need to be done either through partial dentures or bridgework.

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