Teeth Whitening

A great smile is one of the very first things that people notice about someone that they first meet and a white, bright smile that is easily achievable through teeth whitening goes a long way towards making a strong first impression. Many people start to experience staining and yellowing of the teeth due to coffee or tea usage, age and/or the smoking of cigarettes. As such, at Premier Hollywood Dental Clinic, we perform state-of-the-art Zoom® whitening treatment to help our patients achieve the smile that they’ve always dreamed of.

Teeth Whitening Using the Zoom Whitening System

Zoom is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is fast, safe and very effective – in most instances, it will whiten your teeth up to 10 shades whiter, if not more. For Hollywood teeth whitening, our clinic uses the Zoom Whitening System to apply a special gel comprised of hydrogen peroxide to the surface of your teeth. Shortly after, a special light is used to activate the whitening gel, and when the procedure is finally completed, a quick fluoride treatment will be used on your teeth as the final step.

Teeth Whitening before and after.

This entire procedure takes roughly one hour or so and results are almost immediate. Furthermore, the procedure is completely PAINLESS and beats every single kind of over-the-counter alternatives ranging from whitening toothpastes to whitening gels.

Teeth Whitening At Home

If you would like to try the whitening process yourself from the comforts of your home, you can try customized teeth whitening kits that specifically fit your mouth and your teeth. Our clinic will provide you with a customized clear whitening tray for you. The whitening gel trays should be worn 30-60 minutes up to 2x a day every single day. At-home treatment is a less expensive option and will result in a bright new set of white teeth at the end of the whitening period.

This at-home treatment is more inexpensive than the Zoom procedure done in the office, but results are pretty comparable. The biggest difference lies in the timeline: for immediate results, Zoom is the way to go, especially for the busy individual who does not wish to bother with days of wearing the tray and the gradual whitening process. However, if you are not in a hurry, then the at-home treatment is a good option.

Maintaining Your New Smile

For maintenance of your new set of pearly whites, you can use a Zoom take-home gel for light touch-ups to ensure your teeth whitening does not wear off. Furthermore, frequent brushing and flossing of your teeth is obviously still extremely important, especially if you are a heavy consumer of coffee, sodas, red wines or fruits such as berries that easily discolor the teeth. Not only is it well-known that the consumption of the above leads to the staining of your teeth, but they will also visibly yellow your teeth and leave noticeable evidence if not properly taken care of.

A combination of the Zoom procedure done in our office coupled with the trays explained below will ensure that your smile remains bright for years to come.

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