What Is A Root Canal?

Picture of root canal procedure

Root canals are probably one of the most popular dental procedures and for good reason: oftentimes, a tooth will suffer from decay or infection on the outer surface. For example, if a cavity was ignored or if it was not caught or if you somehow suffered a cracked tooth are two very popular and easy ways for infection and bacteria to start in the tooth and then gradually spread to other areas of the mouth. The reason for this is because the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected if it is untreated, creating a pus pocket that is abscessed. This results in swelling, heavy pain and even bone damage. As a result, treatment is used to repair and save the tooth that is badly damaged. Although a tooth’s nerve is not important to a tooth’s health and function, as its only purpose is to allow you to feel hot or cold, it is a vital part of having the tooth in the first place. As such, many patients go through with root canal treatment to get a bad tooth taken care of.

This procedure is also known as endodontics.

The Root Canal Procedure

Picture of root canal procedure

The procedure removes the nerve and pulp and the inside of these chambers get cleaned and sealed with special dental material that our Hollywood dental team will provide.
The aim of the procedure is to try and remove all infection from the root canal and to also clean it in an attempt to prevent future infections and future procedures.

Depending on which dentist you go to, this procedure may require two visits. For Hollywood root canals, our clinic will work with you to see what works best. For some dentists, the first visit involves removing the infected pulp as step one. Furthermore, there will be a draining of any abscesses if needed. Next is the cleaning of the actual canal itself and then shaped ready for the filling to come. The filling then is put on for a temporary period of time and the tooth is left to settle.

For a second visit, the tooth is checked and if the infection has completely cleared, the tooth is then permanently filled at the date in time.

How Do I Know If I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Our Hollywood dental team will work with you to see if root canal treatment is the best option for you. Another option is to just remove the tooth in question – once the pulp gets destroyed, it cannot heal and it is not smart to leave an infected tooth in your mouth. It obviously makes sense to leave as many natural teeth as possible. Our clinic believes that root canals Hollywood residents need can all be done with us as we will guide you every step of the way. Being one of the most popular dental treatments out there, many patients

After the procedure, your root filled tooth will not darken like it used to due to recent new technological advances. And if you happen to experience any discoloration, there are several treatments available. Furthermore, root canal treatment is usually very successful, especially when done by an experienced and knowledgeable dentist.

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