Pediatric Dentistry

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With the advent of so many new dental technologies and techniques, pediatric dentistry is now a huge field as parents are increasingly seeing the need and the benefit of having their children’s teeth taken care of by a pediatric dentist starting from a very young age.

At our clinic, we treat children from birth all the way through adolescence with personalized care and a strong eye for what is best for the child not just right now, but also several months and years down the road. Thus, our various pediatric dentistry procedures aim to not only maintain a strong, healthy set of teeth for your child, but also to ensure that no future problems arise that may cause complications, expensive surgery or discomfort and pain.

Pediatric Dentistry Dental Evaluations

At Premier Hollywood Dental Clinic, we feel very strongly that one of the most important things any parent can do for their children’s dental health is an early evaluation by a pediatric dentist – the purpose of the early evaluation is to avoid dental diseases that may potentially occur. Furthermore, during the evaluation period, our Hollywood dental team will educate and explain the disease process and how that uniquely affects adolescents and young children.

Ultimately, we have created an environment that is not only safe and comfortable for your child, but we feel strongly that we offer the best pediatric dentistry Hollywood has to offer. We understand that going to see the dentist is a potentially uncomfortable experience, especially for a young child, but we pride ourselves on having a team that pays extra attention and offers very personal care for your child.

When Should My Child’s First Dentist Visit Be?

One question that often gets asked is when a child’s first dentist visit should be? Some quick background: for babies, their teeth begins developing even before they are born; in fact, their first tooth “materializes” around the fourth month of pregnancy. After the mother has given birth, it is recommended that a soft cloth be used to clean the baby’s gums after breastfeeding or feeding with a bottle. From month six to roughly 2 years of age, the baby will grow about 20 teeth.

Thus, many people do not understand why a child should visit a pediatric dentist if they barely have any teeth. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, an initial oral evaluation visit should occur at least within six months after the emergence of the first primary tooth. This initial oral evaluation visit is recommended.

I Have A Young Child – Is There Anything I Should Pay Extra Attention To?

Due to genetics or just habits like thumb sucking or mouth breathing due to allergies or asthma, a child’s facial and dental growth can become disrupted. In these instances, a pediatric dentist are uniquely suited to assist and perform and pediatric dentistry procedures as needed. For the most part, extensive orthodontic treatment and surgery can be avoided if pediatric orthodontic care is used while the face, teeth and jaws are developing and growing.

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