Invisalign is an option for people who wish to straighten their teeth without the need for braces – it is a nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth with clear, removable aligners. The purpose of using Invisalign aligners is to create tooth movement within the mouth to straighten your teeth out, the same intended purpose as braces but with added benefits.

Benefits of Invisalign

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There are several benefits and advantages to using Invisalign aligners: they are essentially invisible, meaning even when they are in use inside your mouth, you have no fear or worries of people noticing them. For Hollywood Invisalign, our clinic possesses the expertise and knowledge to make sure that the aligners fit you correctly and comfortably with no discomfort.

The comfortability of the aligners are an additional benefit as it makes them very easy to use and not a cumbersome thing to have to wear and use on a daily basis. The aligners can also be easily removed, meaning eating and drinking is an option while in treatment. This also means that brushing your teeth and flossing becomes very simple.

In terms of health benefits, because the aligners do not use metal bands, brackets or wires that braces do, food and plague does not get trapped as easily, leading to better general oral health. Additionally, with crowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart, swollen gums and redness can appear. Lastly, the aligners help to maintain comfort and tooth structure as misaligned teeth and jaws can lead to abnormal stress which causes painful trauma the the supporting bone and jaw joints.

How Do I Know If Invisalign Is Right For Me?

For the vast majority of adults and teens, Invisalign is a great option for minor improvements to your smile or even more heavily extensive adjustments. Our Hollywood dental team treats patients of all different ages and smiles with the Invisalign aligners. We pride ourselves in being the best Invisalign Hollywood residents can get.

Even for those with heavily crowded or widely spaced teeth, the aligners are successful. It can also be used to treat those with complex issues ranging from crossbites to underbites to overbites.

How Long Do I Need to Use the Invisalign Aligners For?

For most people, braces can take quite a bit of time to really work effectively. For the Invisalign aligners, it takes roughly 1 full year from when the patient starts using it until completion. There will be regular check-in visits at our Hollywood clinic so our team can see how you are progressing.

The specific duration time varies from person to person, but for the most part, Invisalign aligners do not take a long time to work.

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