Dental Implants

Picture of dental implant procedure

For people who suffer from missing teeth and are looking for a permanent solution, dental implants are the answer. We at Premier Hollywood Dental Clinic understand that while having discolored teeth, or a tooth or two that has been chipped, misaligned or overcrowded can severely impact your smile, nothing is worse than having a visibly missing tooth or two.

Not only for aesthetic purposes, but missing teeth, along with gaps between your teeth, can have negative consequences on your speech and limit some of the things you are able to eat. You need to fill the gap and the best way to fill the gap is with implants. With these, you are taking a tooth made from surgical steel and and implanting it into your jawbone. Next, the replacement tooth is then attached to the stud and the gap is there no longer.

Health Reasons For Getting Dental Implants

Many people fail to realize the hidden damage that lies in having missing teeth – when you have a full set of teeth, the chewing action that you repeatedly do when you are eating food helps to strengthen your jawbone. However, when you have a missing tooth or two, the bone will atrophy, or disappear almost completely. When that happens, it will cause premature aging of your face and leave your cheeks with a “sunken” looking after effect.
Thus, dental implants serve a much more important and vital purpose than simply restoring your smile to its once former glory.

Furthermore, for those who are looking for other options other than root canals, implants work well because teeth that have been subject to root canals are more open to tooth decay. Implants however, never decay and are very durable.

How Exactly Do Dental Implants Work?

Picture of dental implant procedure

Our clinic believes that we offer some of the best dental implants Hollywood residents can get. The reason for this is because of the way they work, they they need to be surgically inserted into the jawbone in order to act as an “anchor” within the mouth, and over time, your jaw will attach itself to that implant, making it so dentures or other replacement teeth can be permanently fit into place. Our Hollywood dental team is able to make the artificial tooth replacements look exactly like all of your other teeth, to the point that nobody will be able to distinguish your implants from your real teeth. Additionally, we are able to do the surgery with essentially zero discomfort or pain.

Ultimately, with implants now, a patient is able to not just replace their teeth, but also preserve their bone and other supporting structures. This leads to reduced irritation and oral sores, something that is associated with dentures. Furthermore, implants lead to increased stability, biting pressure and support as well.

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