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Due to technological advances and constantly improving dentistry practices nowadays, just a single, simple cosmetic dentistry procedure can make an entire world of difference for someone – a smile that will literally open doors and make a difference both personally and professionally.

At Premier Hollywood Dental Clinic, we understand that a wide range of cosmetic services are now in high demand and we take great pride in being able to effectively and efficiently treat our patients at a great price with their best interests in heart. From the moment you step foot into our clinic, our Hollywood dental team makes sure that you are fully involved in every single step of the way, regardless of what cosmetic dentistry procedure you are having done.


Veneers are one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed and arguably one of the most esthetic ways of “beautifying” someone’s smile. So what are veneers?

Veneers are a thin layer of material, in the shape of your teeth, that is laid onto each tooth and bonded to the surface. The rationale for getting a veneer is to improve the appearance of a tooth – either because it has become heavily decayed/worn away or some other reason – or to protect the surface of the tooth from further damage.

There are different kinds of veneers, with the most common form being porcelain veneers due to its high durability and strong resemblance to an actual tooth, making it almost indistinguishable from a real one. Furthermore, veneers in general are also a more conservative alternative to getting crowns – this is because veneers require less removal of the tooth. Veneers are a relatively new introduction to the dentistry world, as crowns used to be the only option for someone wishing to cover a tooth. Ultimately, after getting a veneer, your teeth will be whiter, straighter and more even looking.


For people who wish to straighten their teeth without the use of braces, Invisalign is the cosmetic dentistry procedure for you. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners with the intended purpose of creating tooth movement so as to better straighten your teeth.

Furthermore, not only are Invisalign aligners virtually invisible, they are very easy to use and comfortable to wear, thus making it an easy addition to your everyday life. Plus, the aligners can be removed, which is one very big difference from braces – this means while in treatment, you are still allowed and still able to eat and drink as you wish. Additionally, flossing and brushing your teeth is very easy with the aligners since they are removable. Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures that our Hollywood dental team provides, Invisalign aligners are one of the most popular procedures.

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